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This website is a resource for everybody interested in ethics and emerging ICTs. The ETICA wiki is borne out of research undertaken by the Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications (ETICA) project, an EU funded project which has been looking at identifying information and communication technologies (ICTs) likely to emerge in the medium future. Along with identifying such technologies, the project has also been looking at the ethical issues likely to arise as future and emerging technologies come to fore. The intention of this wiki is to share the ETICA findings with interested parties and stakeholders interested in and who share similar ideals to those of ETICA which are ethics and ICTs. Beyond, identifying emerging technologies and their related ethical issues, the project has also been evaluating the ethical issues according to their severity with the idea of looking into governance structures that could be used to deal with the ethical concerns of future ICTs. The project took on this mandate in order to try and lessen and where possible eliminate potential problems early on that could result from technologies once they are in the hands of users. This could elimate concerns of privacy, surveillance or monitoring or if not eliminate help find ways to deal with such problems through policies that are likely to be formulated early on if and when policy makers are privy to what technologies are likely to emerge in the future as well as what their ethical issues might be. The project has noted that ethical problems of tehcnologies are heightened when there are no ready solutions to deal with new technologies. However, once a technology is known to be able to likley emerge, it is easier to find solutions to its possible problem because these can be discussed and areas within which to deal with them found.

ETICA does not claim to present a comprehensive list of emerging technologies or the related ethical issues but merely attempts to provide insight into what might pertain in the medium term future with a view to working towards solutions that can take into consideration issues of ethical concerns in future and emerging technologies. Bearing this in mind, ETICA does not necesarily claim to provide an absolute objective and accurate account of future technologies and their related ethical issues because the very nature of what might pertain in the future cannot be accurately predicated as it is bound to change. ETICA's work therefore merely points to a possible future in relation to emerging technologies and ethics through the Methodologytaken to inform the project of what might pertain. To this end this wiki will highlight the

  • Identified Emerging Technologies
  • Identified Ethical Issues
  • Evaluation and Ranking undertaken
  • Highlight governance structures of ethical issues of emerging ICTs and
  • Highlight policy recommendations regarding ethical issues of the emerging ICTs

In addition the wiki will give expert details of people in this area as well as outline stakeholders interested in ethics and emerging technologies..

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