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Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
Last updated: 17 December 2007
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Journal Papers


Rogerson, S.
Information and integrity in the information age
Ethical Space, The International Journal of Communication Ethics, Vol 4, Nos 1&2, pp 10-12, 2007.

Stahl, B.
ETHICS, Morality and Critique: An Essay on Enid Mumford's Socio-Technical Approach
Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Vol8, No 9, pp. 479-490, 2007.

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Exploring the relationships between Pedagogy, Ethics & Technology: Building a framework for strategy development.
Technology, Pedagogy & Education,Vol. 16, No 1, pp. 111-126, 2007.

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An Essential Problem of the E Phenomenon: Privacy.
International Journal of Information Technology and Management, Vol. 7, pp.xxx, 2007.

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Reflective responsibility for risk: a critical view of software and information systems development risk management.
Int. J. Risk Assessment and Management, Vol. 7, No. 3, PP. 312-325, 2007.

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Privacy and Security as Ideology.
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine Spring, PP. 35-45, 2007.


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Towards morally defensible e-government interactions with citizens
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Vol 4, No 4, pp 173-180, 2006.

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Flourishing Ethics
Ethics and Information Technology, Vol 8, pp. 157-173, 2006.

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ICT Integrity: Bringing The ACS Code Of Ethics Up To Date
Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Vol 13 No 2 pp169-181, 2006.

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Developing Software in a Bicultural Context: The Role of a SoDIS Inspection
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Let's agree to differ: varying interpretations of online privacy policies
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Vol. 4, No 4, pp. 2/5-228, 2006.

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Challenging students: reflections on the development and delivery of an undergraduate module that introduces the full systems development life cycle
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Responsible computers? A case for ascribing quasi-responsibility to computers independent of personhood or agency
Ethics and Information Technology Vol. 8:4, pp. 205-213, 2006.

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Emancipation in cross-cultural IS research: The fine line between relativism and dictatorship of the intellectual
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Evaluating the factors affecting DSS usage by senior managers in local authorities in Egypt
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Politics and Society after De-Massification of the Media
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Interfaces for electronic voting: focus group evidence.
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Responsible Risk Analysis For Software Development: Creating The Software Development Impact Statement
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Chaos theory as a model for interpreting information systems in organizations
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The obituary as bricolage: the Mann Gulch disaster and the problem of heroic rationality
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Online Communities versus Offline Communities in the Arab/Muslim World
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The Virtual World: a tension between global reach and local sensitivity
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Responsibility for Information Assurance and Privacy: A Problem of Individual ethics?
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The Problems of Global Cultural Homogenisation in a Technologically Dependant World
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Using Asynchronous Computer Conferencing to support the teaching of Computing and Ethics: a Case Study
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Internet Voting Well at least its Modern
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