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Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
Last updated: 03 September 2010
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The IMIS's column on Computer Ethics


The IMIS's email address is central@imis.org.uk

by Prof. Simon Rogerson

ETHIcol Issues 2010

Vol 20 No 4 December IS IT Ethical? The 2010 Report
Vol 20 No 3 September Spotlight on ethics
Vol 20 No 2 June The backwards, forwards and sideways changes of ICT
Vol 20 No 1 March Healthy ICT (with Jemma Haines)

ETHIcol Issues 2009

Vol 19 No 6 December The Social Side of Wireless
Vol 19 No 5 October Ensuring Ethical Insurance
Vol 19 No 4 August That Was the News that was!
Vol 19 No 3 June Ethics of the Street
Vol 19 No 2 April Ethical dilemmas in ICT
Vol 19 No 1 February Inclusive ICT

ETHIcol Issues 2008

Vol 18 No 6 December Living beyond technology
Vol 18 No 5 October Identity and DNA
Vol 18 No 4 August The Surveillance Society
Vol 18 No 3 June Ethics and ICT Governance
Vol 18 No 2 April VoIP ethics
Vol 18 No 1 February Is IT Ethical? The ETHICOMP Survey of Professional Practice

ETHIcol Issues 2007

Vol 17 No 6 December e-inclusion Ethics
Vol 17 No 5 October Digital slavery
Vol 17 No 4 August Ethical Leadership
Vol 17 No 3 June Reflections from China (with Terrell Ward Bynum)
Vol 17 No 2 April Can we have a peaceful virtual existence

ETHIcol Issues 2006

Vol 16 No 6 December Waking up to a surveillance society
Vol 16 No 5 October Ethics of the blogosphere
Vol 16 No 4 August Framing up to ethics
Vol 16 No 3 June Game On!
Vol 16 No 2 April A lesson from Auschwitz
Vol 16 No 1 February Aspects of Social Justice (e.Government)

ETHIcol Issues 2005

Vol 15 No 6 December Women in IT
Vol 15 No 5 October Is IT Ethical? 2004 ETHICOMP Survey of Professional Practice (with Mary Prior)
Vol 15 No 4 August Inclusive online learning (with Maggie McPherson)
Vol 15 No 3 June Ethical Risk Management (with Prof. Don Gotterbarn)
Vol 15 No 2 April A global phenomenon?
Vol 15 No 1 February Information Provenance

ETHIcol Issues 2004

Vol 14 No 6 December People matter
Vol 14 No 5 October Tag ethics
Vol 14 No 4 August Police intelligence?
Vol 14 No 3 June For the record
Vol 14 No 2 April A week is a long time in computer ethics
Vol 14 No 1 February IT-enabled marketing

ETHIcol Issues 2003

Vol 13 No 6 December 'Is IT Ethical? 2002 ETHICOMP Survey of Professional Practice' (with Mary Prior)
Vol 13 No 5 October What is wrong with mobile phones?
Vol 13 No 4 August Cyber terrorism and the threat to democracy
Vol 13 No 3 June Rights of the electronic citizen(with Robert Beckett)
Vol 13 No 2 April Entitlement Cards (with Ben Fairweather)
Vol 13 No 1 February Online Auction Sites

ETHIcol Issues 2002

Vol 12 No 6 December IS staff and the provision for privacy and data protection (with Richard Howley)
Vol 12 No 5 October Computerisation, networking and household registration information management in China (with Xiao Jian Wu)
Vol 12 No 4 August IS Security needs ethics
Vol 12 No 3 June At Cross Purposes (with Ben Fairweather).
Vol 12 No 2 April The Chinook Helicopter Disaster
Vol 12 No 1 February Smart CCTV

ETHIcol Issues 2001

Vol 11 No 6 December Is IT Ethical? 2000 ETHICOMP Survey of Professional Practice (with Mary Prior)
Vol 11 No 5 October Healthcare Websites (with Ben Fairweather)
Vol 11 No 4 August Systems of the Information Society
Vol 11 No 3 June The Information Society.
Vol 11 No 2 April Civic Duty.
Vol 11 No 1 February New Code of Ethics (with Ben Fairweather and Steve McRobb).

ETHIcol Issues 2000

Vol 10 No 6 December The Human Rights Act
Vol 10 No 5 October Electronic Patient Records
Vol 10 No 4 August How to create waffle!
Vol 10 No 3 June Identity and Authentication (with Sara Wilford)
Vol 10 No 2 April Internet Neutrality? (with Harold Thimbley)
Vol 10 No 1 February Email Ethics

ETHIcol Issues 1999

Vol 9 no 6 December Privacy and the new Data Protection Act
Vol 9 No 5 October E.society - panacea or apocalypse?
Vol 9 No 4 August Islam, ICT and the computer professional (with Mohamed Begg)
Vol 9 No 3 June An ethical perspective for ICT Managers
Vol 9 No 2 April Y2K
Vol 9 No 1 February IS IT Ethical? 1998 ETHICOMP Survey of Professional Practice (with Mary Prior)

ETHIcol Issues 1998

Vol 8 No 6 December IS in the workplace (with Jon Ivins)
Vol 8 No 5 October Electronic Commerce
Vol 8 No 4 August People and the internet
Vol 8 No 3 June Surveillance in the workplace(with Ben Fairweather)
Vol 8 No 2 April The Ethics of ICT in Business
Vol 8 No 1 March Smart Card Technology

ETHIcol Issues 1997

Vol 7 No 6 December Women in IT (with Janet Stack)
Vol 7 No 5 October Alternative Perspectives
Vol 7 No 4 August Ethical Issues in Practice and Virtual Behaviour
Vol 7 No 3 June Privacy
Vol 7 No 2 April Teleworking (with Ben Fairweather)
Vol 7 No 1 February Data matching

ETHIcol Issues 1996

Vol 6 No 5 November Computers and Human Values
Vol 6 No 4 September New Horizons
Vol 6 No 3 July Social Responsibility
Vol 6 No 2 May Business Process Re-engineering
Vol 6 No 1 February Training for Ethics

ETHIcol Issues 1995

Vol 5 No 4 Information Superhighway
Vol 5 No 3 Computer Ethics
Vol 5 No 1 But IS IT Ethical

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)
was formerly called the Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM)